Online Collaboration - Creating texts together

A new platform for collaborating and storing knowledge online


project online platform

tasks concept, design

year 2014-2015

prototype website (german)

About the Project

write2gether combines a strong approach for teams to create text and manage knowledge online. Providing the tools to work simultaneously on one document with all the comfort they know from text applications. All accessible from their browser. 

The knowledge base is built to give teams and companies the opportunity to have quick access to stored data and information from the web, directly inside the platform. 


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The Challenge

Users should be able to create and work together on one document while browsing or comparing information.The handling of space on low screen resolutions and visual forms of presenting content (parts) of each team member become a center part of the project. 

While working on a project, users should have the possibility to store, structure and include their knowledge as easily as possible into their current project.

The Approach

Exploring the possibilities of responsive layouts write2gether approach is providing a web-based platform with a split screen view to simultaneously work on documents while browsing information. Team members can work together on projects, leave comments, exchange messages and upload files for their projects.

The knowledge base provides a semantic search engine helping users find the documents they need and explore more knowledge by finding similarities between their work and internet based data. 




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