Data in UX Design - Report 2016

Insights about the daily work of design teams, when it come to handling (personal) data. 

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year 2017

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Designers are neither afraid of complexity nor numbers. This is one the results of the survey to my master thesis, »Data and the Influence on User Centred Design«. I asked UX Designers about their relation with (personal) data in their working life. 150 of them took some time and answered the survey. The report gives an insight how designers and their teams work in different environments.

»[…], designers like myself are active participants in this business of collecting, processing, and sharing personally identifiable data.«

- Elizabeth Goodman (UC Berkeley)


The report begins to highlight the diverse roles of the participants, from their focus of the UX process to their employers. To break down the focus, the report takes steps from the general work of design teams to the handling of (personal) data. At the end, the report takes a look into the future of designers in relation with data. 

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example screen - step 4 Dealing with Data

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Are you researching or working in a similar field? You want to exchange knowledge or sources? No problem. I’m happy to share what I have so far. Just contact me via e-mail or @thomasotto_.

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