creating#data: young interaction design

A blog project to give young interaction designers a platform to write about their experiences  

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project content strategy

tasks code, concept, design         

year 2014-2015

prototype blog


«Diese Revo­lu­tion braucht weni­ger Sym­bole und mehr Sub­stanz,  weni­ger Pro­dukte und mehr Werk­zeuge, weni­ger Hard­ware und mehr Software. »

Florian Pfeffer


creating#data was a blog project created by a group of design students within my faculty in 2014. A mix of interaction and communication designers. A group full ideas and passionate about their processes in the field of interaction design. 

We've read a lot of articles and books, consumed and collected knowledge. So we decided to start this blog project to give young designers, like us, a platform to write about their work, projects and thoughts about the different fields of interaction design.  

A large area with book recommendations and a regular stream of blog entries emerged. After one year we decided to close the project to focus on our studies and new projects.

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