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Evolution of a UX Designer

The field of user experience (UX) design has changed over the years, and expectations for designers to change appropriately is fast becoming a reality. The role of the UX designer has evolved beyond making products more human-centered to thinking about systems, processes and organizational outcomes. ... Read the full article

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Why Google’s new search results design is a dark pattern

Humans are self-training machines, and in the context of the internet, we’ve trained ourselves to ignore the intrusive adverts which increasingly clutter our screens. ... Read the full article

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Design Sprints are not for everyone

The first time I read the Sprint book I thought it was a panacea, something that could solve small improvements or create disruptive products… but that’s not quite the case. ... Read the full article

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What do I mean by strategic design

My intention here is not to offer a definition of strategic design. Instead, I would like to explore it from my own, specific angle. This is more a contemplation and reflexion on my own practice and an attempt to make sense of it. ... Read the full article

14. January 2020No Comments

Sustainable UX: How Designers Can Help Make a Positive Impact on the Environment

The North Pole will be ice-free in about 10 years. Ocean currents are shifting, which threatens Europe with weather chaos. Shifting rainfall and collapsing agriculture drives conflicts around the globe. ... Read the full article

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The league of evil designers

“So, you want to join the league of evil designers? Come in, sit down. Is the chair uncomfortable? Good. Let’s go through your application. Ah, 2 years in online casinos? Not bad. ... Read the full article

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Design & Data: defining a problem ecosystem

Without a clearly stated problem, projects are subject to plot twists (follow the rabbit), never-ending stories (scope, anyone?), and poor ROIs (ill-defined outcomes). ... Read the full article

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The Opportunity Backlog Framework: A User-Focused Alternative To The Product Roadmap

Most of us are familiar with product roadmaps: documents that depict the release cadence of a series of features & functions in order to eventually arrive at an overall product vision. ... Read the full article

21. December 2019No Comments

How co-design can shape big companies from the inside

This is the transcript of a talk I gave in October 2019 in Bologna for the XIII Summit Italiano di Architettura dell’Informazione, organised by Architecta. ... Read the full article

19. November 2019No Comments

Pretty useless: don’t hire dribbblish designers

You’re a Creative Director looking to hire a new designer. You’ve found two potentials who have both created designs for a weather app. Based on the following designs, which one do you hire? Without a doubt, the designer on the right. ... Read the full article

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