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Why User Interviews Fail

User interviews are an important generative method for UX. Generative methods (like interviews and focus groups) produce knowledge. In contrast, evaluative methods (like a usability test of a draft design) test hypotheses. When interviews are done well, we learn about our users’: ... Read the full article

8. May 2019No Comments

Biases in concept and usability tests

The last time I facilitated a Design Sprint I was the user tests’ moderator for the prototype. While I had moderated many times before, I was surprised by a newbie impulse. ... Read the full article

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How To Make Personas More Scientific

Personas are a staple of UX research. Some 70% of practitioners report using them. ... Read the full article

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Making Sense of it All: Personas and Archetypes

First ResearchOps Berlin Meetup kicked off at smava demonstrating their collaboration within the team and across methods and finished with inspiring discussions. On 07.02., we held our first meetup at the office of the loan comparison portal smava. ... Read the full article

2. April 2019No Comments

How to Respond to Skepticism of Testing Small Groups of Users

Usability testing with a small number of participants is an incredibly efficient way to improve an interface. By observing real people attempt to use a design, we see the interface from the users’ perspective. ... Read the full article

31. January 2019No Comments

ResearchOps and User Experience

The ResearchOps Community “In early 2018, Kate Towsey established a ResearchOps Community on Slack, bringing together a global community of user researchers to shape the emerging practice of ResearchOps,” continues Pabini. “She has also coalesced a community around ResearchOps on Medium. ... Read the full article

16. January 2019No Comments

Common excuses for not talking to your customers — and how to get over them

As a startup founder, you know you should be talking to your customers more. Every startup book you’ve read is full of examples of how customer feedback has helped shape the products you now love using every day. ... Read the full article

10. November 2018No Comments

9 Tips from Design Research: Getting More from Your Conversations

4. Start off slowly, then ramp up. People have a tendency to jump into heady topics of discussion right away, leaving others in the room feeling unprepared. So, rather than jumping right into asking detailed questions, start with broad topics, then get more specific as the conversation progresses. ... Read the full article

2. November 2018No Comments

Why I am breaking up with design sprints

I spoke at Design Thinking London last week, on the topic of design sprints. When Carmen first asked me to speak, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to talk. ... Read the full article

28. October 2018No Comments

Building strategic meaning: personas or archetypes?

Let’s start with some definitions. Personas are (according to their creator Alan Cooper): “…not the real people but they represent them throughout the design process. They are hypothetical archetypes of actual users. ... Read the full article

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