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Building strategic meaning: personas or archetypes?

Let’s start with some definitions. Personas are (according to their creator Alan Cooper): “…not the real people but they represent them throughout the design process. They are hypothetical archetypes of actual users. ... Read the full article

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Skip User Research Unless You’re Doing It Right — Seriously

What user researcher hasn’t heard a question like that? We implement new tools and leaner processes, but try as we might, we inevitably meet the terminal velocity of our user research — the point at which it cannot be completed any faster while still maintaining its rigor and validity. ... Read the full article

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UX is your business, start minding it.

UX titles suck. Why? Because none of them contain the word “business” and at the end of that delightful user journey is a business, YOUR business to be exact. ... Read the full article

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Time to talk about Research-Ops

First things first; a hat tip to Kate Towsey who baptized the Research-Ops slack channel and legitimized the need for this capability. Alright, let’s get started. The definition is shifting sands. So, let me begin with mine and be prepared for a reality check. ... Read the full article

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When It Comes To Personas, The Real Value Is In The Scenarios

Personas without scenarios are like characters with no plot. — Kim Goodwin I’ve seen it happen many times. A team launches a project to identify user personas with all the best of intentions. They'll define three, four, sometimes as many ten or fifteen different personas. ... Read the full article

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General Assembly ‘Talk Data to Me’ Series: How to engage the broader community during enterprise technology design

For software design teams working on enterprise-level technology products, our users are often highly specific and highly technical. This can be a difficult challenge, as our opportunities for relevant feedback are limited. ... Read the full article

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On Surveys

Surveys are the most dangerous research tool — misunderstood and misused. They frequently straddle the qualitative and quantitative, and at their worst represent the worst of both. ... Read the full article

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Ethics in UX — Yes, you do need to think about this

My gut feel is that many of you who will read this title, and the article, might be confused as to why this needs to be written. The delightful thing about many UXers is their high level of empathy and general emotional intelligence. It’s what makes us good at what we do. ... Read the full article

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Database & stakeholder display of design research results

ResearchOps is all the rage in the UX Research/Design community, and part of ResearchOps is both having a way to easily to store and refer back to research, and to display research to stakeholders in a compelling way — An alternative to Power Point plus some sort of database functionality. ... Read the full article

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Inoculating your user research practice from bias

As humans, we live life within chronically shifting contexts alongside others. Moment by moment, whether we are aware of it or not, we are obsessively concerned with and influenced by the world around us. ... Read the full article

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