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Untangling the Deeper Concept

Indi Young doesn’t have anything against Post-its, per se—except, she admits, they might be the enemy. “I hate to blame sticky notes,” says the author (most recently of Practical Empathy) and founding partner of UX agency Adaptive Path. ... Read the full article

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User researchers need to understand the business

We recently had a discussion in my product team about our roles and responsibilities. ... Read the full article

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NPS is a waste of time. Use these metrics instead.

Ask any executive what the top 3 metrics they watch in their company are and you’ll get some combination of revenue and sales metrics and, of course, the company’s NPS. ... Read the full article

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A researcher skills & career workshop

In November, 2018, an intrepid group of volunteers gathered round the #skills-framework channel in the ResearchOps Community slack group. Our aim was simple: create a researcher skills framework, helping researchers grow and charting the boundaries of research and operations. ... Read the full article

5. August 2019No Comments

Exploring the Reasons for Design Thinking Criticism

Design thinking has been called revolutionary, a “failed experiment,” and a set of buzzwords. While contradictory, these statements shed light on the increasing criticism of design thinking. ... Read the full article

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First Rule of Usability? Don’t Listen to Users

In past years, the greatest usability barrier was the preponderance of cool design. Most projects were ruled by usability opponents who preferred complexity over simplicity. As a result, billions of dollars were wasted on flashy designs that were difficult to use. ... Read the full article

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Why User Interviews Fail

User interviews are an important generative method for UX. Generative methods (like interviews and focus groups) produce knowledge. In contrast, evaluative methods (like a usability test of a draft design) test hypotheses. When interviews are done well, we learn about our users’: ... Read the full article

8. May 2019No Comments

Biases in concept and usability tests

The last time I facilitated a Design Sprint I was the user tests’ moderator for the prototype. While I had moderated many times before, I was surprised by a newbie impulse. ... Read the full article

9. April 2019No Comments

How To Make Personas More Scientific

Personas are a staple of UX research. Some 70% of practitioners report using them. ... Read the full article

9. April 2019No Comments

Making Sense of it All: Personas and Archetypes

First ResearchOps Berlin Meetup kicked off at smava demonstrating their collaboration within the team and across methods and finished with inspiring discussions. On 07.02., we held our first meetup at the office of the loan comparison portal smava. ... Read the full article

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