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How to Recruit More Women to Your Company

Many leaders care about gender diversity — at least they say they do. LinkedIn research shows that 78% of talent professionals say that diversity is a top hiring priority for their company and gender diversity in particular is the number one issue they’re tackling in this area. ... Read the full article

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Evolution of a UX Designer

The field of user experience (UX) design has changed over the years, and expectations for designers to change appropriately is fast becoming a reality. The role of the UX designer has evolved beyond making products more human-centered to thinking about systems, processes and organizational outcomes. ... Read the full article

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Why Google’s new search results design is a dark pattern

Humans are self-training machines, and in the context of the internet, we’ve trained ourselves to ignore the intrusive adverts which increasingly clutter our screens. ... Read the full article

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Inclusive by design: beyond binary

Welcome to Inclusive by Design, a series dedicated to making UX design more inclusive. My name is Anna (she/her/hers). I specialize in building inclusive products and creating scalable systems to support accessible practices across product teams. ... Read the full article

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Zebras Fix What Unicorns Break

A year ago we wrote “Sex & Startups.” The premise was this: The current technology and venture capital structure is broken. It rewards quantity over quality, consumption over creation, quick exits over sustainable growth, and shareholder profit over shared prosperity. ... Read the full article

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Goods, Bads, and Dailies: Lessons for Conducting Great Critiques

What do Pixar’s animators and teenage magicians have in common? Surprisingly, they both have developed some interesting critique techniques that we’ve learned a ton from. The teenage magicians are members of the Society of Young Magicians’ Boston Chapter. ... Read the full article

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What is strategic design?

Traditional definitions of design often focus on creating discrete solutions—be it a product, a building, or a service. Strategic design applies some of the principles of traditional design to "big picture" systemic challenges like health care, education, and climate change. ... Read the full article

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Design Sprints are not for everyone

The first time I read the Sprint book I thought it was a panacea, something that could solve small improvements or create disruptive products… but that’s not quite the case. ... Read the full article

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What do I mean by strategic design

My intention here is not to offer a definition of strategic design. Instead, I would like to explore it from my own, specific angle. This is more a contemplation and reflexion on my own practice and an attempt to make sense of it. ... Read the full article

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Digitalisierung: Aber das Faxgerät muss bleiben!

"Auf digitale Prozesse umstellen" ist leicht gesagt, aber in vielen Firmen ein komplexes Unterfangen. Viele Mitarbeiter und Chefs lieben ihre analogen Arbeitsmethoden und fürchten Veränderungen. Andere wiederum digitalisieren ohne Sinn und Verstand und blasen ihre Prozesse unnötig auf. ... Read the full article

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