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Creative and Strategic Leadership in Design Orgs—Super-Senior ICs and the Shadow Strategy Team (3rd in a series on Emerging Shape of Design Orgs), Peter Merholz

This post builds on the Emerging Shape of Design Orgs. As design organizations scale, I’ve worked with a number of design leaders who struggle with all that’s expected of them. Let’s look at the “HR Software” org I drew in the last post. ... Read the full article

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Principles for Design Principles

In my experience creating a useful set of design principles is really, really hard. I was reminded of this recently when I led the creation of a set of design principles to help define the future experience for Citizens Advice. During this process I was reminded of a few key rules to consider… ... Read the full article

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When IBM acquired Austin-based business processing software company Lombardi Software in 2010, Phil Gilbert, then Lombardi CEO, stayed on and was tasked with doing at IBM whatever it was he did at his former company to make customers love their product. ... Read the full article

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Scaling Culture Through Principles

At AMBOSS, our product and engineering teams have been doubling every year. Today, the teams are over 100 people combined. While scaling is a challenge for any tech company across many aspects, for example technology, product, and hiring, arguably the hardest thing to scale is culture. ... Read the full article

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A Matter of Principle

What’s the primary view of the app? How should someone navigate the different options? What color should the top bar be? A good designer will have a logical answer for each decision. Nothing should be done at random, after all, and intentionality is a hallmark of good design. ... Read the full article

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A comprehensive list of human-computer interactions

Whether you are a seasoned Designer (have webmaster in your CV) or new to the world of digital software product design (UXD, UXR, UI, IxD, IA, CX, LX, VD, FE, SO, PO, ML, AI, etc) the universe in which you can apply your craft and skills are continuing to grow. ... Read the full article

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Apple’s Privacy Mythology Doesn’t Match Reality

Albert Fox Cahn (@FoxCahn) is the founder and executive director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP), a New York–based civil rights and privacy group, and a visiting fellow at Yale Law School’s Information Society Project. ... Read the full article

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What is “good design,” anyway? It’s crucial for design orgs to define quality., Peter Merholz

When a design team is small, fewer than 10 people, design quality can be successfully managed informally—reviews, crits, swivel-the-monitor discussions. The Head of Design can reasonably keep tabs on all the work, and, through discussion, drive their team toward higher quality. ... Read the full article

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Why you should use culture add interview questions

As a human resources manager or hiring manager, you’re likely familiar with the term “culture fit”, which means hiring individuals who fit into your team and who are a good match with your company culture. ... Read the full article

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What makes a successful design team?

With return to the office and a growing team, conversations about work culture, stress and ways of working have been popping up a lot фкщгтв ьу, so I wanted to share some thoughts. A lot of people have pondered this question but did not come to a conclusive answer. ... Read the full article

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