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MVP: the reality of the modern term

Today so many product teams start their products with an MVP version but, unfortunately, often they don’t realize what does it mean to work with the MVP. And therefore there are many mistakes during the process. Some of them could cost enough money and team resources. ... Read the full article

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Der Daten-Egoismus hält Startups auf

Metropolen stecken im Dilemma: Einerseits wollen sie weniger Verkehr in den Städten und dazu etwa Autos verbannen. Anderseits haben sie kaum Erfahrungen mit den neuen Mobilitätsangeboten von privaten Anbietern. ... Read the full article

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‘Our Users Are Everyone’: Designing Mass-Market Products for Large User Audiences

When a design serves a large and varied population of users, stakeholders sometimes direct that the design must target “everyone. ... Read the full article

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How Apple Is Giving Design A Bad Name

Once upon a time, Apple was known for designing easy-to-use, easy-to-understand products. ... Read the full article

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I wrote the book on user-friendly design. What I see today horrifies me

More people than ever are living long, healthy lives. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the average life expectancy is 78.6 years for men and 81.1 for women. More relevant, however, is that as people grow older, their total life expectancy increases. ... Read the full article

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If You’re Not Using UX Data, It’s Not UX Design

UX designers have a variety of problem-solving techniques at their disposal, but the use of these resources must be lead by research-driven insights about users. Without user-centered data, UX designers are forced to rely on intuition and experience for guidance. Why is that a problem? ... Read the full article

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Tracking Sex Traffickers

How Artificial Intelligence Is Tracking Sex Traffickers. Machine learning technology is opening up new strategies to find and prosecute the men who profit from the worst of the illegal sex trade. ... Read the full article

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Biases in concept and usability tests

The last time I facilitated a Design Sprint I was the user tests’ moderator for the prototype. While I had moderated many times before, I was surprised by a newbie impulse. ... Read the full article

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Ethics Boards Won’t Save Big Tech

Tech companies need more than advisory boards if they want to create ethical products and services. ... Read the full article

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Entertainment, like friendship, is a fundamental human need; it changes how we feel and gives us common ground. Netflix is better entertainment at lower cost and greater scale than the world has ever seen. We want to entertain everyone, and make the world smile. ... Read the full article

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