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The Social Dilemma Fails to Tackle the Real Issues in Tech

Toward the end of Netflix’s new documentary-drama The Social Dilemma, former Google employee Tristan Harris describes technology as “simultaneous utopia and dystopia. ... Read the full article

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AI and the Art of Manipulation

From chapter 8 of “Films from the Future: The Technology and Morality of Sci-Fi Movies. ... Read the full article

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Getting Practical with Trust: A Designer’s Toolkit

Trust disproportionately impacts bottom line business performance. This seems intuitive, but most organizations are failing to design for trust. Instead we have observed manipulative design patterns and misaligned incentive structures. This is a big part of why trust is at an all-time low. ... Read the full article

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OpenAI GPT-3: Riesige Sprach-KI schreibt glaubhafte Texte

Nur rund ein Jahr nach der Vorstellung der damals fortschrittlichen Sprach-KI GPT-2 stellt OpenAI den Nachfolger GPT-3 vor. Der ist hundertmal größer, lernt schneller – und schreibt potenziell noch glaubhaftere Fake-News. Anfang 2019 stellte OpenAI die damals größte Text-KI GPT-2 vor. ... Read the full article

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How to Build a ‘Privacy-First’ Startup

In today’s privacy-first world, the stakes have never been higher for handling user data. Increasing GDPR fines, new regulations like the CCPA, and elevating consumer expectations — missing basic privacy controls could kill your business. ... Read the full article

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Why Scrum is killing your product

Why Scrum is killing your productScrum is, as Scrum.org proudly points out, the “de-facto standard for how teams deliver software”. ... Read the full article

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Do You Care About Privacy as Much as Your Customers Do?

Until recently, there has been little compelling reason for companies to embed privacy considerations deeply into their larger business strategies. While consumers say they care about privacy, few have placed any real value on protecting their data. ... Read the full article

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How UX-mature is your company?

If you’re a UX designer or a product designer like me you already now that a good user experience can lead to increased satisfaction, more loyal customers, and ultimately more revenue. Every organization has its own goals, processes, techniques, and teams with its own characteristics. ... Read the full article

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UX Hiring: The Performance Profile is a Game Changer

Read this article on our blog at articles.uie.com. After all these years, it still amazes me how much a single document can improve the teams we build, and the products and services our teams deliver. That single document is a performance profile and it’s a game changer. ... Read the full article

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Designing a Design Team

This article describes how the design team at Flexport developed over the last three years. It covers the team’s evolution, roles, meetings, processes, and systems. The team is still relatively small. Most of our learning is ahead of us. ... Read the full article

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