12. August 2020No Comments

Introducing Ethical Explorer

Tl;dr Launching today, Ethical Explorer is a digestible, accessible (& free!) toolkit designed to help founders, product managers, designers and their collaborators build better, more responsible technology. ... Read the full article

25. January 2020No Comments

Why Google’s new search results design is a dark pattern

Humans are self-training machines, and in the context of the internet, we’ve trained ourselves to ignore the intrusive adverts which increasingly clutter our screens. ... Read the full article

2. September 2018No Comments

Reboot: New Look, New Content

Welcome to a new chapter of my portfolio. It's a new trying to create a platform for everything related to data and design. It will include ideas, inspirations, sources, articles and (design) experiments. I will try several new formats to bring thoughts and ideas to life. Join me on this new path to a better understanding of the space between design and data.

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Thomas Otto is a User Experience Designer in Berlin, Germany. As an experienced designer he is working on digital projects in the fields of user research, interaction design and data strategy.