3. July 2020No Comments

Design has an empathy problem: white men can’t design for everyone

IDEO is one of the most well known and successful design consultancies in the world. But in recent days they’ve gotten pushback on Instagram for their record on diversity and the state of diversity in design in general. ... Read the full article

23. January 2020No Comments

Inclusive by design: beyond binary

Welcome to Inclusive by Design, a series dedicated to making UX design more inclusive. My name is Anna (she/her/hers). I specialize in building inclusive products and creating scalable systems to support accessible practices across product teams. ... Read the full article

25. September 2019No Comments

How to begin designing for diversity

You’ll notice we use the word design a lot. When we say design, we’re not just talking about graphic design or website design. It’s broader than that, because all of us are designers. ... Read the full article

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