1. February 2019No Comments

A Skeptic’s Guide to Thinking About AI

This week, at the research institute AI Now‘s annual symposium, experts debated some of the most critical issues in society through the lens of AI. The event brought together law and politics… ... Read the full article

16. January 2019No Comments

Which UX Metrics Should You Be Tracking?

User experience is subjective by nature. We can measure its effects on product engagement (e.g. pageviews, time on site, etc.) and conversions (signups and sales). But how do we directly measure and benchmark UX? ... Read the full article

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The New Frontier of Designing With Data

There is a scene in The Hunt for Red October, when the actor Courtney B. ... Read the full article

27. December 2018No Comments

What happens when AI-generated people look for love on Tinder

A new paper from researchers at Nvidia demonstrates how artificial intelligence can be used to generate realistic-looking faces. What happens when this technology is unleashed on Tinder? ... Read the full article

18. December 2018No Comments

Capturing the Minimum Viable Data

This is part of an ongoing series to provoke dialogue and provide concrete ways to help people ethically design intelligent systems. Read our introduction. ... Read the full article

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Anticipating Market Pressures, Takeovers, and Hacks

This is part of an ongoing series to provoke dialogue and provide concrete ways to help teams ethically build and design intelligent systems. Read our introduction. Knowledge is power. You may gather information about people and communities, intending to use it for their benefit. ... Read the full article

24. November 2018No Comments

Human-Centered Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is the science of helping computers discover patterns and relationships in data instead of being manually programmed. It’s a powerful tool for creating personalized and dynamic experiences, and it’s already driving everything from Netflix recommendations to autonomous cars. ... Read the full article

6. November 2018No Comments

Prioritize Which Data Skills Your Company Needs with This 2×2 Matrix

Data skills — the skills to turn data into insight and action — are the driver of modern economies. According to the World Economic Forum, computing and mathematically-focused jobs are showing the strongest growth, at the expense of less quantitative roles. ... Read the full article

27. October 2018No Comments

What Does a Fair Algorithm Actually Look Like?

In some ways, artificial intelligence acts like a mirror. Machine learning tools are designed to detect patterns, and they often reflect back the same biases we already know exist in our culture. Algorithms can be sexist, racist, and perpetuate other structural inequalities found in society. ... Read the full article

25. October 2018No Comments

Your Data Literacy Depends on Understanding the Types of Data and How They’re Captured

The ability to understand and communicate about data is an increasingly important skill for the 21st-century citizen, for three reasons. First, data science and AI are affecting many industries globally, from healthcare and government to agriculture and finance. ... Read the full article

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