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A comprehensive list of human-computer interactions

Whether you are a seasoned Designer (have webmaster in your CV) or new to the world of digital software product design (UXD, UXR, UI, IxD, IA, CX, LX, VD, FE, SO, PO, ML, AI, etc) the universe in which you can apply your craft and skills are continuing to grow. ... Read the full article

31. August 2021No Comments

Apple’s Privacy Mythology Doesn’t Match Reality

Albert Fox Cahn (@FoxCahn) is the founder and executive director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (STOP), a New York–based civil rights and privacy group, and a visiting fellow at Yale Law School’s Information Society Project. ... Read the full article

28. June 2021No Comments

AI_Commons: Open licensing in the age of AI

Machine training with openly licensed material is an ethical question that has long divided open movement activists. ... Read the full article

27. August 2020No Comments

How to Build a ‘Privacy-First’ Startup

In today’s privacy-first world, the stakes have never been higher for handling user data. Increasing GDPR fines, new regulations like the CCPA, and elevating consumer expectations — missing basic privacy controls could kill your business. ... Read the full article

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Do You Care About Privacy as Much as Your Customers Do?

Until recently, there has been little compelling reason for companies to embed privacy considerations deeply into their larger business strategies. While consumers say they care about privacy, few have placed any real value on protecting their data. ... Read the full article

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Introducing Ethical Explorer

Tl;dr Launching today, Ethical Explorer is a digestible, accessible (& free!) toolkit designed to help founders, product managers, designers and their collaborators build better, more responsible technology. ... Read the full article

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Data from Dutch public broadcaster shows the value of ditching creepy ads

Image Credits: Picture / Getty Images For anyone interested in the contested question of how much ‘value’ — or, well, how little — publishers derive from the privacy-hostile practice of tracking web users to behaviorally target them with ads, pro-privacy browser Brave has published some inte ... Read the full article

14. January 2020No Comments

Design & Data: defining a problem ecosystem

Without a clearly stated problem, projects are subject to plot twists (follow the rabbit), never-ending stories (scope, anyone?), and poor ROIs (ill-defined outcomes). ... Read the full article

27. December 2019No Comments

Using A Period Tracking App? This Is Where All Your Personal Info Goes

Half of the world’s population has a menstrual cycle, yet it still triggers shock when our periods turn up unannounced each month. So it’s no surprise that many women have turned to period tracking apps on their smartphones to diarise their monthly cycles. ... Read the full article

27. October 2019No Comments

What is Fair Data Economy?

Fair data economy presents a competitive model for building business value from data in new, trust-based ecosystems. ... Read the full article

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