14. January 2020No Comments

Design & Data: defining a problem ecosystem

Without a clearly stated problem, projects are subject to plot twists (follow the rabbit), never-ending stories (scope, anyone?), and poor ROIs (ill-defined outcomes). ... Read the full article

27. December 2019No Comments

Using A Period Tracking App? This Is Where All Your Personal Info Goes

Half of the world’s population has a menstrual cycle, yet it still triggers shock when our periods turn up unannounced each month. So it’s no surprise that many women have turned to period tracking apps on their smartphones to diarise their monthly cycles. ... Read the full article

27. October 2019No Comments

What is Fair Data Economy?

Fair data economy presents a competitive model for building business value from data in new, trust-based ecosystems. ... Read the full article

25. September 2019No Comments

When good UX and Data don’t get along

It’s gotta be a bug right? In some cases, it is, but in this case, it wasn’t. There’s a saying in the startup world that 90% of experiments are bound to fail. Luckily at Any.do, we are way below that threshold. ... Read the full article

22. May 2019No Comments

Der Daten-Egoismus hält Startups auf

Metropolen stecken im Dilemma: Einerseits wollen sie weniger Verkehr in den Städten und dazu etwa Autos verbannen. Anderseits haben sie kaum Erfahrungen mit den neuen Mobilitätsangeboten von privaten Anbietern. ... Read the full article

14. May 2019No Comments

If You’re Not Using UX Data, It’s Not UX Design

UX designers have a variety of problem-solving techniques at their disposal, but the use of these resources must be lead by research-driven insights about users. Without user-centered data, UX designers are forced to rely on intuition and experience for guidance. Why is that a problem? ... Read the full article

8. May 2019No Comments

Ethics Boards Won’t Save Big Tech

Tech companies need more than advisory boards if they want to create ethical products and services. ... Read the full article

1. February 2019No Comments

A Skeptic’s Guide to Thinking About AI

This week, at the research institute AI Now‘s annual symposium, experts debated some of the most critical issues in society through the lens of AI. The event brought together law and politics… ... Read the full article

16. January 2019No Comments

Which UX Metrics Should You Be Tracking?

User experience is subjective by nature. We can measure its effects on product engagement (e.g. pageviews, time on site, etc.) and conversions (signups and sales). But how do we directly measure and benchmark UX? ... Read the full article

10. January 2019No Comments

The New Frontier of Designing With Data

There is a scene in The Hunt for Red October, when the actor Courtney B. ... Read the full article

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