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MVP: the reality of the modern term

Today so many product teams start their products with an MVP version but, unfortunately, often they don’t realize what does it mean to work with the MVP. And therefore there are many mistakes during the process. Some of them could cost enough money and team resources. ... Read the full article

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Der Daten-Egoismus hält Startups auf

Metropolen stecken im Dilemma: Einerseits wollen sie weniger Verkehr in den Städten und dazu etwa Autos verbannen. Anderseits haben sie kaum Erfahrungen mit den neuen Mobilitätsangeboten von privaten Anbietern. ... Read the full article

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The new digital divide is between people who opt out of algorithms and people who don’t

Every aspect of life can be guided by artificial intelligence algorithms–from choosing what route to take for your morning commute, to deciding whom to take on a date, to complex legal and judicial matters such as predictive policing. ... Read the full article

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Avoiding The Wrong MVP Approach

Yet, many at this 120-year-old insurance company weren’t convinced. They thought it could never work. The innovation team’s idea was conceptually simple: The insurance company’s claims adjusters use photographs to assess the damage and fill out claims reports. ... Read the full article

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4 Reasons Talented Employees Don’t Reach Their Potential

No matter how talented someone might be, there is no guarantee that their talents will translate into top performance. ... Read the full article

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John Maeda: “In reality, design is not that important”

What is design’s role in business? For years, designers have advocated for more decision-making power at companies, with the goal of building humanistic products that serve users instead of corporate interests or technological advancement alone. ... Read the full article

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On the Potential & Limits of AI — The Facts Beneath the Hype

Most of the internet stories about AI are simply not true. The state of AI right now is far from beating the human brain still. ... Read the full article

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Becoming a UX Unicorn in 5 Easy Steps

We call them unicorns because they are supposed to be mythical creatures-something that doesn’t exist in the real world. That’s how the nickname came about. Yet, over the past couple of years, we’ve started meeting people who fit the description of a UX unicorn. ... Read the full article

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How to Choose Your First AI Project

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to transform every industry, just as electricity did 100 years ago. It will create $13 trillion of GDP growth by 2030, according to McKinsey, most of which will be in non-internet sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, energy, logistics, and education. ... Read the full article

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Digitale Leute Podcast – Episode 1 – Tim Herbig über Lateral Leadership

Wenn es eine Sache gibt, die gängigen agilen Frameworks fehlt, dann ist das Empathie. Das sagt Tim Herbig, Product Lead aus Hamburg, der unter anderem für Xing in der digitalen Produktentwicklung tätig war. ... Read the full article

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