Online Dating: Beyond Matching

A user-centred concept to coach people while online dating.

Exploring data as Material in Design Processes

People tend to behave more harshly online than they do face-to-face. This makes online dating a potentially frustrating experience. begenty acts as a coach and gives you feedback while you interact online. If someone acts in a negative way, the system shuts the account down quickly.

begently creates a safe and respectful space to meet people. This makes online dating as much fun as it should be.

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The Challenge

One advantage of online dating is that the initially written communication breaks down barriers. It is often easier to chat online or write than approach someone on the street. Unfortunately, written communication also has the disadvantage of removing hurdles which exist for good reasons. Users may feel unobserved and forget that there is a real person with expectation and feelings at the other end. In addition, there is no clear etiquette for online dating as the medium is still too new. A lack of inhibitions, empathy, and prescribed etiquette as well as the feeling of being unobserved are the reasons for the ongoing communication in online dating services. begently offers the possibility to get the benefits of written communication, while the disadvantages are reduced. This is made possible by the fact that begently acts as an active moderator between the users. To this end, social pressure, which causes people to behave socially offline, is transferred into a user tracking and a gamification system


When people are using begently, focus lies on the first contact in online communication. The goal is to provide users with high quality for their online communication and a high success rate.



User tracking captures how often users use the service, who they write, how their messages are composed, and how the answers are actioned. Thus, factors such as response rate, message length, and certain phrases allow conclusions to be drawn about the quality of the messages without having to be read by a human being.


Through text analysis, it is not only possible to assess the quality of messages, but also to speed up the labeling process. Thus, the messages can be checked for foul language and explicit vocabulary. Users can be made aware of, penalized or excluded from the platform. Thus, begently ensures that users are significantly less bothered than on other dating sites.


In order to keep the quality of the messages and profiles high and to make the users more successful, begently uses the results of user tracking to make the company more successful with time. This is how the behavior of the user(s) is turned in suggestions for improvement which lead to a more successful contact.


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