Designing Trust in Online Experiences

A new approach for authentication between users on Share Economy platforms

Exploring data as Material in Design Processes

Trust and the resulting security is a foundation for interaction between people in our society. Since a physical encounter does not occur online, levels of interpersonal communication are largely eliminated.

The restrictions in online communication create new forms of trust between users. So how can users build a trustworthy relationship on a purely digital basis for the purpose of exchanging goods/services in a short time? Acting like a moderator, provides a service to authenticate users between each other. Focus is the users' ability to control their data and their willingness to share parts of their (online)identity.

Project Type



The following concept provides a new service which helps people to assess other people's trustworthiness online by keeping them in control of their data and classify information in context. 



The platform works as an independent moderator system. Free to be used as a third-party application inside the platform. Transparently designed to show users how and which part of their information will be used. To create a long term trustworthy relationship with them.

Users in Control provides users with as much control over their personal data as possible. Users are mining their own sources of information from social media Platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Xing), authentification information (e.g. full name, address, personal id) to create temporary profiles to match the value systems of other users in the trust-building process of online communication (trading).

Multiple Identities, Multiple Contexts

Different platforms, different identities. Users can create different identities for different platforms to match their information.


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Thomas Otto is a User Experience Designer in Berlin, Germany. As an experienced designer he is working on digital projects in the fields of user research, interaction design and data strategy.