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Why Criticism Is Good for Creativity

One of the most popular mantras for innovation is “avoid criticism.” The underlying assumption is that criticism kills the flow of creativity and the enthusiasm of a team. Aversion to criticism has significantly spread in the last 20 years, especially through the advocates of design thinking. ... Read the full article

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Exploring the Reasons for Design Thinking Criticism

Design thinking has been called revolutionary, a “failed experiment,” and a set of buzzwords. While contradictory, these statements shed light on the increasing criticism of design thinking. ... Read the full article

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5 signs your product and UX teams are disconnected

I’m a little spoiled. As a product manager and startup founder I’ve been lucky to work with fantastic UX design professionals to launch several successful products and features. ... Read the full article

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So you want to hire a UX Designer.

First things first: There is no such thing as a UX Designer.(User) Experience Design is a design discipline on the same level as e.g. Industrial Design, Architecture and Communication Design/Advertising. What connects them is the goal to solve (discipline-specific) problems. ... Read the full article

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Designing Ethically

One of the biggest problems facing designers is how to create a more humane future. This has probably been the case for as long as there’s been a design profession. However, Design’s scale, influence, and reach has never been more profound—or more dangerous. ... Read the full article

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DNA of a Designer

The traits of strategic designers and how they varyWhile I naturally ask myself many questions around ‘What design is today’ and ‘The impact of design thinking for businesses and design’, these must of course be considered hand-in-hand with ‘Who and what is the designer of today*?’ … ... Read the full article

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Dangerous times in Design

Musings of a conflicted designerWhenever people ask me what I do, and I say I’m a designer, I dread the difficult, complex narrative, I know I’m going to have to spool, to answer that inevitable, subsequent question, “What sort of design do you do?” This is commonly accompanied by (trying to ... Read the full article

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The Agile Human Centered Design Toolkit—a set of methods to create high value, customer-first product definition

As consumerism grows and consumer technology advances in parallel, user expectations of the services in their lives continue to increase. ... Read the full article

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Tesla’s UX is too far ahead to make sense (now)

Yesterday and today I finally had a chance of testing a Tesla Model 3. More than the driving experience, I was interested in the UX relatively to the 15 inches touchscreen that dominates the dashboard. FIFTEEN INCHES TOUCHSCREEN, let that sink for a moment. ... Read the full article

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The Tipping Point: Who is best placed to do strategic design?

We hear a lot about Design Thinking, Strategic Design and Service Design. I’m not going to go into the potential danger that this democratisation of design is bringing to the wider Design industry —… ... Read the full article

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