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Introducing Ethical Explorer

Tl;dr Launching today, Ethical Explorer is a digestible, accessible (& free!) toolkit designed to help founders, product managers, designers and their collaborators build better, more responsible technology. ... Read the full article

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Data from Dutch public broadcaster shows the value of ditching creepy ads

Image Credits: Picture / Getty Images For anyone interested in the contested question of how much ‘value’ — or, well, how little — publishers derive from the privacy-hostile practice of tracking web users to behaviorally target them with ads, pro-privacy browser Brave has published some inte ... Read the full article

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The Framework Design for Better Leadership

Using research and my experiences, the intention of this article is to lay out a new framework for successful leadership. From my experience, leadership is surrounded around the idea of influencing an environment where change can occur. ... Read the full article

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Be a Pal, My Dudes

Some specific ways men can reduce the impact of gender bias at work and be better coworkers to the non-dudes in the office. ... Read the full article

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UX Hiring: Let’s Talk About Comparable Experience

UX leaders need an effective hiring approach to fill a position and build their team. If they take an ineffective approach, they risk pushing away highly-quality candidates, which makes it harder to fill the positions. ... Read the full article

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High-Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety. Here’s How to Create It

“There’s no team without trust,” says Paul Santagata, Head of Industry at Google. ... Read the full article

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How to measure the impact of your work

As designers, we know our work has an impact. We see the power of design in every aspect of our lives. But not everyone is able to connect the dots between design and business growth. It is up to us, as designers, to help tell our own success stories. ... Read the full article

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7 Leadership Lessons Men Can Learn from Women

Although there is a great deal of public interest in ensuring more women become leaders, thereby reversing their under-representation in the ranks of power, too many suggested solutions are founded on the misconception that women ought to emulate men. ... Read the full article

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Tools for Systems Thinkers: Systems Mapping

Systems thinking requires a shift in our perception of the world around us. In order to build a new multidimensional thinking framework, we need to discover the dynamics and interconnectedness of the systems at play. ... Read the full article

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Design is not about solving problems

Well, now there’s a hot take huh. But let me explain. I think one of my shortcomings when it comes to design is this: I always want to fix the problem. I want to have the perfect idea, the perfect design doc, ready to go and implement right this second. But wait... ... Read the full article

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