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Algorithms are biased. This tool shows kids just how dangerous they can be

It’s no secret that algorithms are incredibly problematic, leading to everything from racist policing to sexist hiring. But even for adults who are extremely online, it can be hard to understand what exactly goes into an algorithm and how to make it fairer. ... Read the full article

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How the ‘Failure’ Culture of Startups Is Killing Innovation

Failure is now a badge of honor. Somewhere along the way, it got to be uncool to reduce one’s risk of failure. Erika Hall is the author of *[Just Enough Research](http://www.abookapart.com/products/just-enough-research), *released this week by A Book Apart. ... Read the full article

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From the Weeds to the Board Room—How Design Leaders shift from managing down to up and out, Peter Merholz

“I had to have an intense conversation with someone on my team, who is struggling with the shift from Design Manager to Design Director. The Product Lead this Director works with has started reaching out to me again. ... Read the full article

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RIP ping-pong. The era of wacky office perks is dead

Young workers don’t care about workplace perks. This is what they want instead. 3 minute ReadFor years, companies have spent money on fun workplace perks in order to attract young talent. Google offers free gourmet meals and massages. ... Read the full article

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Use Situation-Behavior-Impact (SBI)™ to Understand Intent

How Can You Use Situation-Behavior-Impact With Team Members? SBI can be used for giving different types of feedback, as in these examples: 1. Situation: Describe the specific situation in which the behavior occurred. Avoid generalities, such as “last week,” as that can lead to confusion. ... Read the full article

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How to Give the Most Effective Feedback

Directive feedback tells someone what to do, even if you’re phrasing it “nicely.” For example, “I suggest that you make priorities clearer to your team.” Contingency feedback gives a future consequence: “If you keep interrupting people in meetings, they’ll stop cooperating with you. ... Read the full article

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Creative and Strategic Leadership in Design Orgs—Super-Senior ICs and the Shadow Strategy Team (3rd in a series on Emerging Shape of Design Orgs), Peter Merholz

This post builds on the Emerging Shape of Design Orgs. As design organizations scale, I’ve worked with a number of design leaders who struggle with all that’s expected of them. Let’s look at the “HR Software” org I drew in the last post. ... Read the full article

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Principles for Design Principles

In my experience creating a useful set of design principles is really, really hard. I was reminded of this recently when I led the creation of a set of design principles to help define the future experience for Citizens Advice. During this process I was reminded of a few key rules to consider… ... Read the full article

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When IBM acquired Austin-based business processing software company Lombardi Software in 2010, Phil Gilbert, then Lombardi CEO, stayed on and was tasked with doing at IBM whatever it was he did at his former company to make customers love their product. ... Read the full article

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Scaling Culture Through Principles

At AMBOSS, our product and engineering teams have been doubling every year. Today, the teams are over 100 people combined. While scaling is a challenge for any tech company across many aspects, for example technology, product, and hiring, arguably the hardest thing to scale is culture. ... Read the full article

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