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Killt eure Innovation-Labs!

Fast jeder ernst zu nehmende deutsche Konzern hat eins und auch der Mittelstand zieht nach: Warum sind Innovation-Labs oftmals mehr Schein als Sein und was ist die Alternative? ... Read the full article

19. November 2019No Comments

Pretty useless: don’t hire dribbblish designers

You’re a Creative Director looking to hire a new designer. You’ve found two potentials who have both created designs for a weather app. Based on the following designs, which one do you hire? Without a doubt, the designer on the right. ... Read the full article

29. October 2019No Comments

Untangling the Deeper Concept

Indi Young doesn’t have anything against Post-its, per se—except, she admits, they might be the enemy. “I hate to blame sticky notes,” says the author (most recently of Practical Empathy) and founding partner of UX agency Adaptive Path. ... Read the full article

27. October 2019No Comments

What is Fair Data Economy?

Fair data economy presents a competitive model for building business value from data in new, trust-based ecosystems. ... Read the full article

23. October 2019No Comments

Design: past, present and future(s)

The relevance of design has been increasing exponentially in the past 10 years, as its influence has stretched from a perceived focus on aesthetics to encompass complex systems and ethics. ... Read the full article

19. October 2019No Comments

The Best Leaders Are Expendable

leaders, sometimes managing our egos is one of the toughest challenges we face. It’s something that, when not checked, is most likely to get us into trouble as well. But does this mean that as the leader of your team, you should make yourself inessential? Well, not quite. ... Read the full article

1. October 2019No Comments

User researchers need to understand the business

We recently had a discussion in my product team about our roles and responsibilities. ... Read the full article

25. September 2019No Comments

When good UX and Data don’t get along

It’s gotta be a bug right? In some cases, it is, but in this case, it wasn’t. There’s a saying in the startup world that 90% of experiments are bound to fail. Luckily at Any.do, we are way below that threshold. ... Read the full article

25. September 2019No Comments

How to begin designing for diversity

You’ll notice we use the word design a lot. When we say design, we’re not just talking about graphic design or website design. It’s broader than that, because all of us are designers. ... Read the full article

11. September 2019No Comments

NPS is a waste of time. Use these metrics instead.

Ask any executive what the top 3 metrics they watch in their company are and you’ll get some combination of revenue and sales metrics and, of course, the company’s NPS. ... Read the full article

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