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25. January 2017 - No Comments!

What are you revealing online? Much more than you think

Two computer security experts explaining in which technical way, information can be aggregated even without sharing information directly through online behavior.

You’re right that this stuff is going to get into the hands of companies, governments, and could potentially be used in evil ways. I don’t think not doing the science is the solution to that. As Alessandro said earlier, the only solution is a legal one where people have control over how their data is used and there are limitations and real regulation on data brokers and other companies that have this data.

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18. January 2017 - No Comments!

It’s not about roles, it’s about skills.

You cant' say it often enough. I think you need a basic understanding of each other as well.

Companies need to realize that both Product Managers and UX Designers are important, but what’s more important is that these two people can make decisions together. Product Management with no User Experience Design creates functional products that don’t make users excited. User Experience Design with no Product Management produces delightful products that don’t become businesses. If these two roles are not sharing responsibilities, then you will have a disconnect in both your team and product.

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