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30. November 2016 - No Comments!

Agile Development Is No Excuse for Shoddy UX Research

A really interesting article from Atul Handa from IBM and Kanupriya Vashisht from Conceptell Inc. about agile and research. I personally heard  the sentence "We have no time to wait for research." way too often. Both authors addressing the issue and clarify that a good agile process evolves research as an equal partner besides development and design. And not as a "nice to have" Option.

UX design does not happen in a vacuum, but stems from context, which comprises specific business needs, user aspirations, and technical constraints. UX research helps designers gain an understanding of that context—of what they need to design, for whom, and why. Research can also help validate a design and prove or disprove a team’s assumptions.

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18. November 2016 - No Comments!

Negativity Bias in User Experience

Hoa Lorander describes in her article about the Negativity Bias in User Experience how bad experiences will stay in the head of people. She describes how difficult it is to overcome this experience with good ones.

Summary: People remember the bad more than the good. Users’ tendency to identify flaws in designs raises the bar for what they consider acceptable.

A really well framed advice at the end of the article.

Test, test, and then test: Focus on designing usable websites that solve users’ problems. Understand your users and their tasks, and go out of your way to iron out as many usability hurdles (negative encounters) as you can in order to make it easy for people to reach their goals.

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How to Negotiate with a Liar

Interesting article about lying and strategies in one to one negotiation. The overall fact, which this article shows:

Research shows that many positive interactions are required to restore trust after a single breach, and breaches entailing deception are among the most difficult to recover from.

«[...]If you made it. You are responsible for it.»

Mike Monteiro, Designer, #

«[...] Fingerprints are different. They’re part of our bodies, and we might feel strange about presenting them to our phones.»

Russell Brandon, the verge, #

«The battle for privacy and civil liberties will be fought, lost, or won in the consumer market.»

Aral Balkan, Designer and social entrepreneur, #

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Experiencing Trust: Mother
 or Big Brother

Great article from Kelly Bouas Henry about users trust. 

Cognitive dissonance highlights how the dynamics of an interaction influence the development of user trust in an online application. This is the broader contribution social psychology has to make towards understanding user trust. Trust falls squarely between the ears of the user, and just as the brain itself develops, trust also develops over time.

Link to the Article: Experiencing Trust: Mother
 or Big Brother