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28. October 2016 - No Comments!

UX survey: Do you really need one?

A really nice overview from David Pasztor about ux surveys. When they help, when not and a best practice guide to execute them.

Surveys are not good to study:

  • how your visitors behave (observation-based user tests or field researches are better for that)

  • what the usability problems are with your product (usability tests are better for that)

  • what their pains and needs are (in-depth interviews or experience sampling is better for that)

Link to the article: UX survey: Do you really need it?

25. October 2016 - No Comments!

Getting Specific on Soft Skills for UX Professionals

Baruch Sachs describes in his article 5 soft skills for UX professionals in detail. He writes about the adaptability to change, to resolve conflicts, to argument and negotiate to create a full gravitas.

All four of the previous soft skills that I’ve described in this column blend together to create powerful gravitas. By communicating with purpose, looking people in the eye, truly listening when people talk to us, and knowing how to persuade, we can convey a sense of gravitas in a very accelerated manner. This is one of those things that make people want to collaborate with us

Link to the article: Getting Specific on Soft Skills for UX Professionals