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What I really wanted was those moments when I feel that I belong to a team, I matter, and I’m able to be my authentic self. I don’t want to be seen as a number, a gender, or an ethnic box.

Pat Wadors – Senior Vice President Global Talent Organization, #

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The trend for privacy by design is about to begin

 gibt einen Überblick, warum Privatsphäre ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal sein kann.

Companies are consuming, processing, amassing and analyzing massive volumes of consumer data to help marketers advertise, personalize, predict and convert browsers into buyers.

Allerdings sind Aussagen  manchmal nicht ganz schlüssig:

Privacy by design is a core tenet within Google and Microsoft, as well as other organizations. Just as the trend for big data was started by the world’s biggest consumer tech companies, the trend for privacy by design is about to begin.

Why privacy is the killer app 

Behind every single point of data is a human—a real person.

Rochelle King – global vice president of data insights and design at Spotify, #